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I am a girl who's in love with the Lord, but a close second is fashion.  For me, it's been a way of expressing myself since I was a very young girl.  I was always one to push the limits (or my mom's), and still to this day, I enjoy standing out among the crowd.


But my love of fashion has also come with a gift:  I can look at any shape and see the areas that should be accentuated, along with the areas to be diminished, and how to best accomplish that through various clothing choices, patterns, shapes, and styles.  

I am a bargain babe and my clients never pay full price.  I want each of my clients to feel like they're ready to walk down a New York City runway every day, and I understand that confidence comes from all different types of clothing.  No body shape or personal preference is the same, so you'll never find cookie-cutter-type styling here.  I ensure that each client gets individualized treatment and we work within your budget to give you the most bang for your buck without cheating you of your best first impression!

Don't see a package that best suits you?  Contact me today and we'll work together to ensure your needs are met.  Unsure if you really need a personal stylist?  See a few testimonials here that may help put a real-life experience to my services.  



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