Where to Purchase the Best Bathing Suit for your Body Type?

If you watched my visual course on "What's the best bathing suit for your body type?" you may find yourself back here itching to find out where to purchase your perfect suit. If you didn't watch the course, feel free to read the text below explaining why each suit is chosen for that specific shape.



Within this blog post, you’ll be learning about which bathing suit will best fit your specific body type, and the body types we’ll be covering are: Flat-Chested, Busty-Frame, Pear Shape, Apple Shape, and the Hourglass Shape.

Have you ever gone to the beach and thought: What are they wearing? I am sure I’m not the only one. We all have this preconceived notion that you have to be beach-body ready to look your best in a bathing suit, and that’s just not true.

Really, all you have to do to be bikini-body ready is put on a bikini on your body… and in today's post, we’ll be discovering what’s your perfect fit!

But, let’s get one thing out of the way first: There are some bathing suits that are just hard to wear on any body type – no matter if you’re thin or curvy!

For example, this girl in the white looks amazing, but she’s a size 00 and if she wasn’t, where that ruffle is hitting would be drawing the eye to any little extra weight or ripple she may have around her midsection. Also, anyone with much of a chest would be spilling out of it.

The second picture in this photo features a very sporty-looking suit in sea green, but again, would look horrible on a skinny-mini or a full-figured lady. The woman with the slender body type would be hiding her hard-earned core area with that flouncy material that gives her no shape, and the cut-out sides would be giving a sideline view to any fuller-figured woman. It’s just bad no matter what body type you are!

The lady in the navy suit looks really cute, but that suit isn’t giving her any shape and likely the dress-type bottom will ride up and she’ll constantly be pulling it down. Getting ready for the beach is enough of a headache, so don’t let your suit become a hassle.

And lastly, later in this presentation you’ll see the woman in the bright-colored striped suit and she looks amazing in something that’s much more figure-flattering. Also, the bright colors paired with the thick stripes aren’t presenting her shape in the most complimentary way.

Here, we have two different body types sporting the same look and, personally, I don’t think it’s doing anything for either of them. They both clearly have a cute shape and this design isn’t flattering to either of them in the best way possible.

And lastly, the lady in the pink obviously has a bangin’ figure, but if she ate one Krispy Kreme donut, that suit wouldn’t look as amazing as it does since it shows EVERYTHING! And, who wants to live a life where you can’t indulge in something scrumptious every once in awhile!

So with there being suits out there that just aren’t flattering, what do you do?

You find the suit that best suits YOU!

For example: This lady talking on the phone obviously has a nice bust line and midsection. It’s her rear and hip area that’s in need of a little more coverage.

So, picture her in the suit to the right. It’s a perfect suit solution!

Same with these two ladies. Say what you want, but the lady on the far left has great arms and great legs – those are the areas we want to highlight. So if we put her in the green suit to the right, her bust will be lifted, her stomach area hidden, and her legs the focal point because of where the last ruffle hits. Perfect solution!

And the girl in the royal blue obviously has worked hard in the gym and lost a good amount of weight, but her midsection is the area your eyes are immediately drawn to and we don’t want to diminish all her hard work. So if we put her in the turquoise suit to the right, we’ll be lifting her bust, hiding her middle area and featuring her legs with the bikini bottoms and flounce of the busty top.

So, are you scratching your head wondering if you’re wearing the right bathing suit for your body type? In addition to what you’ve already learned, within this presentation you’ll learn what is the best suit style is for you, how to accentuate your positives and diminish your negatives…..all while baring skin!

So let’s get started!

The Flat Chested Figure. Here, we’re only focusing really on the top, but as you can see the Left is definitely wrong. Wrong in so many ways, really. The cut-out does nothing for her shape, and the fact that it’s really tight doesn’t help either, but the right side options are a different story!

See, if you had a small bust, pairing it with a flouncy, flowy top would diminish that fact. Same with the bandeau top on the far right. Because of the unique criss-crossing neckline, your eye is drawn up and you’re not focusing your attention on the smaller bust line.

Here are some flat-chested flattering suits, and I’ll go left to right with my explanations. The triangle chevron patterned top is appropriate because of the design, and the tassels give it a feminine look. Same with the flouncy blue top. Because of the ruffles, you really don’t notice if the woman is flat-chested. And the thick band under the triangle top gives the idea of support and flatters the chest area with a little extra material. And the plunging neckline of the one-piece really creates a feminine feel with the lace outline. All of these styles would be perfect on someone flat chested.