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Find the Perfect Bathing Suit for your Body Type

Recently, my mom launched her own website, There, she'll specifically be targeting those who are (in fact) embarrassing themselves with their written grammar and homonym choices by providing courses to teach you the proper uses so you don't embarrass yourself any longer:)

Please, please don't be judging me here because I'm sure to embarrass myself in that department too, but nonetheless, we all know you can embarrass yourself in many different ways, and one of them can be with your clothing choices.

Since I love fashion and have an eye for styling, she asked me to create this FREE course and I figured I'd focus on something everyone is self-conscious of, but also wearing often within this season. Honestly, it's worth a watch because it's quick and I do specifically explain WHY these suits were chosen for the body type they best fit and it's done in a voiceover. So if you are more of an audible/visual learner, this may be great for you to study from. And yes, I'm kind of way late in the game with this course being that summer's sadly almost over, but use what you learn here to help you score some DEEPLY DISCOUNTED swimsuits for next year's swim season!

I'll be adding more courses so you can see and hear the visual explanations of styling tidbits and will be sure to let you know when each course is live!

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