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This service is perfect for those who don’t live close to me (WV or OH), operate in a very busy lifestyle, and don’t mind some long-distance fashion advice paired with online shopping.  Being up close and personal to clients is the ideal situation, but photos, Skype conversations, and parameters to work within can all be conveyed through an online relationship. This type of partnership puts the total buying power in your hands and I, the stylist, just operate as the “motivator.”



As an online styling client, you’ll receive five head-to-toe creations in a Pinterest pin board-type document.  You will be able to see how each outfit is put together and where to purchase each piece from. I will provide you with the pin board, correlating links, and coupon codes to keep retail and shipping costs as low as possible.  Each item will be hand-chosen specifically for your unique shape, coloring and personal sense of style that best fits your current lifestyle and personality.


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