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Has a really good friend or relative ever said to you, “Man, you look washed out.  Are you okay?”  You were probably fine, may have even had the best day of the week until that statement was made.  It is likely you were wearing a color that is unflattering to you and made you look ill or worn out.  We’re blessed to live in a world surrounded by color, but like our unique makeup, our features light up with different shades as well.  Understanding a few characteristics of color will help you understand your own skin tones and help you make more informed color choices when you buy clothes. Seasonal color analysis categorizes people into one of four categories…

  • Winter

  • Summer

  • Autumn

  • Spring

The categories are named after the seasons and the colors found together in nature to help you remember the range of colors they include. Your seasonal color range will complement the coloring of your skin, hair and eyes. When doing a color analysis, I’ll bring large color swatches to you so we together can see how each color placed next to your skin affects your features.  From there, you’ll save much time in your dressing room at home and at the department stores and mall by choosing only the colors that are complimenting to you, rather than an item that you think is just unique.  If it’s the wrong color, it’s going to be wrong on you no matter how well it fits. It doesn’t stop there, though.  Once we’ve determined your colors, I’ll leave you with color swatch samples and a electronic printout for you place in your purse for when shopping alone.



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